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Introducing Jesus

We believe that accepting Jesus as your Saviour & friend is the best decision anyone can make.  Many however are hindered in making that decision because they do not fully understand how much God loves them & can become confused, bogged down with doubts & questions that rob them of the freedom God wants for them.


We often meet those who want to know more about the Christian faith & have lots to questions.We are happy to meet together, typically in a local coffee house or pub, to discuss our faith in Jesus, & although we don't claim to have all the answers we love the opportunity to share our experience of a loving God.


We have also run several Alpha courses over the years. Alpha is one of many tools which has been successful in allowing participants to explore the christian faith. It is a 10 wk course run nationwide, in many churches. Those who attend are given the opportunity to learn what the Bible says about Jesus & the Christian faith & are given the opportunity to discuss their views.

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Contact us if you want to meet for coffee on 07765 006467, alternatively click the Alpha image to find out more about the course

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